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Our company supplies public and private companies with a wide range of specific products for water/air purification and for all industrial applications that require the use of activated carbon and other filtering media.

Camel Carbocleanis registered with ECHA - European Chemicals Agency, pursuant to the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, for import into the European Union of activated carbon, alumina, manganese dioxide.

It is also registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers for the transport and intermediation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

We are able to respond to the different needs of customers: from the importation and supply of products, to the replacement of exhausted coal, up to waste management (transport of the material with our own authorized vehicles, laboratory analysis, intermediation for disposal/recovery) .


Activated carbons

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Impregnated activated carbon

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Filter media

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Ion exchange resins

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Our services

Technical assistance

Technical assistance in choosing the most suitable product and sizing and manufacturing filters for water and air purification.

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Replacement of activated carbon on air/water treatment and solvent recovery systems.

We carry out activated carbon handling interventions on air/water treatment and solvent recovery systems, using our specialized and trained staff (confined environments, work at heights) and specially designed machinery.

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Waste management

Intermediation in waste management and transport of spent coal, with vehicles equipped with a crane arm and regularly authorized (registration in the Register of Environmental Managers cat. 4/5/8)

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Laboratory analysis

Analytical and performance controls on activated carbon and waste analysis, E.E.R classification and related approval.



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