Will Aussies Ban Pokies? New Legal Challenge is Placing Money on It

Will Aussies Ban Pokies? New Legal Challenge is Placing Money on It

A new lawsuit will seek to determine that the slots industry in Australia is in breach of consumer law because they’re deceptive and inspire addiction.

Australian poker devices (‘pokies’), or slots, as they are known within the US, are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Did you understand, for example, that there are five times more slot machines per capita in Australia compared to America? Or that throughout the last year, growth in gambling has outpaced the development of the economy that is australian 100 percent.

Politicians, anti-gambling groups, spiritual organizations, etc., are deeply worried about what they see as a gambling epidemic in the nation. And possibly they should be.

Aussies invest more per head on gambling than any other nation in the world, studies show; an extraordinary $1,179 in 2011-12. That’s well over twice as is gambled per capita in america and three times as much as in the UK.

Most of this goes on pokies. Australians lose around $11 billion annually in the devices, which comprises very nearly two-thirds of the united states’s gambling yield. And curiously, while gambling spend is up these days, the proportion of the population actually engaging in gambling has fallen over the past 15 years, from 80 percent in 2000, to 68 percent in 2014.

Machines are Deceitful

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